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What to Expect

For your first appointment....there will be a few minutes of paperwork; then your physical therapist will review your medical history with you and do a physical evaluation. Depending on your diagnosis and symptoms, your therapist may evaluate your flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, posture, and/or heart rate and respiration. Your therapist may look at how you walk or get up from lying down (functional activities), along with how you use and position your body as you perform activities (body mechanics). Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow easy access to the affected body part. The therapist will work with you to decide on your goals for physical therapy and begin planning your treatment. Your program will be initiated on this visit.

Successful physical therapy requires your active interest and participation. When you keep all your appointments, arrive on time, and do your prescribed home activities you will have a more satisfactory outcome.

Please be at least 20 minutes early to your first appointment so that we can take care of the paperwork before your appointed time with the physical therapist. Alternatively, you may print the four documents available below and fill them out at home. We still ask that you be a few minutes early.

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